Call It What You Will

"Flow (What was your face before your parents were born?)" 16 x 20

“Flow (What was your face before your parents were born?)” 16 x 20

One of the things I do for myself as a writer (and a human being) is attend a weekly “Zen Writing” class at the Austin Zen Center. One of our leaders is Kim Mosley, a man of my generation. His Jewish training and mindful curiosity always add a special note to our discussions. He’s been posting about the Torah on his blog, and this week’s post captivated me. Here’s an excerpt:

“So what’s the deal? We often strangle and misrepresent objects when we define them. As D.H. Lawrence wrote, we take experiences and make them into ideas. We tend to worship the representation rather than the more ethereal experience. Where one is limiting, the other is limitless. Where one can be understood, the other can just be felt.”

It reminded me of a small poem I wrote a number of years back:

All that is
Arises from all that is.
There is no other origin,
Only continuity
Of that which never originated
And never ceases
Which some call God
And within which others
Simply sit
In silent awe.

You’d probably like Kim’s artwork that goes with his blog. Here’s the link:


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