Art at Reverie

These pieces on view at Reverie Books May 2022.

My Head in the Cloud 18 x 26, $400

“My Head In the Cloud” 18 x 26 acrylic on lokta $500

The cloud is so full of amazing things, sometimes we get lost.

“Who Am I?” 20 x 25 $600 

What masks are we wearing?

“One is the Agent” 16 x 25, acrylic and elements on lokta $500

“One is the agent, caught in the reactions of cause and effect.” Sometimes we pull our own strings.

“Waiting” 18 x 24 $400 

Becoming a parent entails its own form of gestation.

“Minuet (She Plays It Differently)” 18 x 18 $300 

Collaged with music salvaged from my uncle’s collections. I’ve always wanted to know how, exactly, she played it differently. 

“Ambivalence” 18 x 18 acrylic on lokta $300

Feeling rooted; wanting to fly.  

“Pursuit of Art” 20 x 16 framed $350 

Sometimes it leads us on a crazy journey.

“My Treasure” 11 x 14 $250 

Look inward… 

Just Passing Through, 8 x 10, $250

“Just Passing Through” 12 x 16 $200 acrylic and lokta on cradled wood panel

Who shall we be in the new space?

Moving Forward, 12 x 6, $250

“Moving Forward, Looking Back” 12 x 6 $175 acrylic and lokta on cradled wood panel

It’s a habit we have. 

“Returning to First Causes” 8 x 8 acrylic on cradled wood panel $200

Remembering the elemental colors of which we’re formed. 

“Trying To Blend In” 8 x 10 framed $300 

When the light shines through, the rainbow colors glow. 

“The Gift” 8 x 8 $200 acrylic and lokta on cradled wood panel

“He offered her the world. She said she had her own.” 

“Burn ALL the Boxes” 10 x 10, acrylic and lokta on cradled wood panel $175

Because who needs boxes?