As I contemplate my imminent recovery from COVID and the onset of a new year, here is my one and only resolution: I resolve to have more good days in 2022.

A good day is one in which…

  • I spend time (in meditation or otherwise) being totally honest with myself.
  • I create something—with words or colors or materials or sounds—and set it loose in the world.
  • I notice life and my own aliveness.
  • I move with abandon. 
  • I allow myself to acknowledge that I’m having a good day because (one or more of the above).

Happy new year to all! I wish you many good days ahead! 

4 thoughts on “Resolution(s)

  1. Donna, you posted this on my son Brian’s 32nd birthday. Glad to hear you’ve come out the other side of Covid. I suppose we will all pass through it eventually. I liked your resolutions. Nothing quite like LIFE!


  2. Also, I used to say, on a good day be grateful. On a bad day be graceful. But then later I thought, why be so judgemental about the day? Just be present with each day.😇


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