On Waller Creek

SOLD Formed by the Light. 11 x 14, acrylic on lokta paper

From the broken place in the retaining wall
I can see where the rains
Formed a rivulet
Leading down to where the water
Always flows
Even when the rains never come.
The flow moves on through still, deep places,
Through playful shallows,
Down to the lake where my friend
Walks his dog at sunrise.
Over the dam, it’s a river again
(as it always was, underneath)
Flowing on its meandering course,
Crossed by repeating bridges,
Onward to the sea where another friend
Walks her dog along the beach at sunset.
And out on the far shore of the same sea
(it’s always the same sea)
Another friend repairs a wall
Broken by a recent flood.

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