WALKING SHOES – August 23, 2013

Walking in Nepal…

I have spent a great deal of time over the past week selecting shoes for my journey. I intend to do lots of walking and I do not wish my steps to be hindered by uncomfortable shoes. Walking is my preferred means of acquainting myself with a place (although an initial bus tour is often helpful for orienting oneself in a new city!).

My best memories of places I have been almost invariably involve walks: Walking through the bush in Belize just at that magical time around sunset when the air itself becomes tinged a rose gold… Walking the paths through the rice fields in Nepal and literally stepping aside off the path to allow a rather large monkey to pass by… Wandering aimlessly through the alleyways of Boudhanath in Kathmandu… Walking up interminable mountains in Tibet to unspeakably sacred places… Walking slowly through the national cemetery in Prague and realizing that the honored heroes are almost all artists, writers, composers…

Humans are made for walking, and it is in walking that we experience life on a truly human scale. It is also how I come face to face with images for my camera! I shall no doubt enjoy my week of travel with a rented car through the Dordogne of France, but I suspect the walks will be the most memorable part of this journey.

One thought on “WALKING SHOES – August 23, 2013

  1. “These boots are made for walking and their going to walk all over you”. Nancy Sinatra. Probably not what you meant, huh. I envy you your trip and wish you great happy adventure. I dreamed I got lost in a Middle-Eastern city last night. My knee replacement must have been hurting.


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